Cargotrackers sponsors the basketball team of DAS Drapetsona #DWBA

On Wednesday night, on the occasion of the start of the ESKANA Junior Championship, the presentation of the Cargotrackers sponsorship took place at the Drapetsona indoor gym in the jersey of the Drapetsona DAS #DWBA.

Cargotrackers actively supports teams such as DAS Drapetsonas #DWBA that aims to integrate young people in the wider region in sports.

With the main focus on defending health and the sports ideal, Cargotrackers strengthens Sports Clubs in the area in which it is based, thus contributing to the continuation of their work.

Sponsorship at DAS #DWBA is a special honor for Cargotrackers, which remains true to its strategy of serving and supporting young people to make their dreams come true.