Road Transport: 10 things to know

Road transport what is it?
Road transport is what can be transported by road to land sections of Greece and Europe.
What do we need to know about road transport?
  1. International road freight transport is the transport carried out by public transport vehicles, from home to the rest of the world and vice versa.
  2. Customs office of entry or exit is the customs office which operates in a regulated state point of entry or exit (land-sea-air).
  3. Third countries are defined as non-EU countries.
  4. Bilateral transport is the carriage that a truck car carries when it is picking up cargo from one point in its country of registration to another country with which there is an agreement on international road freight transport and vice versa.
  5. Transit transfer is the transport in which the mean of transport crosses one or more countries until it reaches the destination.
  6. TARIC / TARIC Consolidated Customs Tariff of the EEC is a classification which is a 10-digit coding, which serves to incorporate Community regulatory measures such as preferential tariffs, quota tariffs and anti-dumping duties. The Single Customs Tariff is based on TARIC.
  7. Customs agent or a customs clearance agent is an authorized clearance practitioner. A transport agent may also act as a customs agent.
  8. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is the time when a vehicle, ship, aircraft or cargo is expected to arrive at a certain place.
  9. Harmonized System (HS) System isunder the auspices of the World Customs Organization and is used for the identification and coding of goods, adopted at an international congress, in force from 01.01.1989. It consists of a six-digit product coding, general interpretation rules and classification documents.
  10. Single Administrative Document (SAD) is an Administrative Document that was adopted by the Council of the European Community on 1 January 1988 with the intention of standardizing customs documents by harmonizing codification and simplifying procedures in international trade.