How is the final shipping cost calculated?

The final cost of an internal transport or an international shipment of a cargo depends on a large number of factors.

In summary, the final cost of road freight transport depends and is calculated by the following factors.

The distance

The kilometre distance, as well as the accessibility of the loading and unloading points, are an important point of reference in the calculation of fares.

The means of transport

The special-purpose trucks with special specifications, such as a non-slip floor, height of more than 2.5 m and various other particularities of the means of transport, based on the needs of the customers.

The specific transport conditions

The stackable or non-stackable cargo has differentiation in transport costs (temperature – humidity – natural or non-ventilated), dangerous or non-hazardous goods.

The physical characteristics of the product

  1. Size – bulky objects have difficulty loading and storing
  2. Weight – heavy objects cost cheaper per unit because the fixed cost is shared in a larger quantity as well
  3. Special Characteristics – susceptible, fragile, flammable have higher costs

The elasticity of demand for transport

Shipments that need to be delivered in a very specific time usually have higher costs. Transports subject to special constraints, such as appointment and special handling of delivery or delivery, also have a higher cost.