Road Transport (Full)

Cargotrackers has a well-organized international road transport division with executives with many years of experience and expertise in this field.

Europe & the Balkans

We are bringing full loads of cargo to and from all Central and Eastern European countries and the Balkans.

Experienced Staff

With an experienced staff confirming and coordinates the receipt or delivery of your cargo by your supplier or recipient on the day you wish.

Weekly Departures

Weekly departures to and from all over Greece offer you the fastest transit time.

Last Generation Trucks

With exclusive co-operation of the latest generation of trucks, with the necessary licenses (TEKA, DOSVOLA), for tertiary cars.

Truck tracking via GPS

Continuous monitoring of the vehicle through a GPS system.

Trucks with hydraulic door

Ability to deliver by truck with a hydraulic door in the case where direct delivery by car of international transport is not possible.

Competitive prices

With the most competitive fares on the market as our prices are on the spot.

Large cargo

High volume and weight thus covering a wide range of loads.

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